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It was the year 1992. Co-owner, full owner at the time, Billy Tingle had a plan to build a business in IT Services. Beginning with repairs, from his home, he started the journey.  Working with other local business owners, he created easily accessible drop-off points in the parish of Avoyelles. From there, he would then, retrieve the computers, repair them, and return them to the designated locations for pick-up. One happy customer led to another. Word spread. Business proceeded to grow. By the year of 2005, it was decided that a helping hand was in need. Following suite, Steven Theriot, current co-owner, lended his aid. Still working from out of their homes, this move gave Billy a little bit of breathing room. But business never quit coming in. As the years went on and the needs for computers and IT continued to expand, Billy knew that something else needed to be done. In the year of 2007, Computers 911 opened their doors to the first, on-site location of the business in Marksville, Louisiana. Henceforth, the name started to reach not only residential customers, but more and more businesses started to take notice.  Another employee was added, then another. Both of whom assisted Billy and Steven to create the great company before you today, and are still happily employed with  Computers911/

  In the year 2010, Computers 911 relocated to it's current location as the company outgrew the capacity needed at it's original location. As the company began taking on more and more business and expanding, hiring more employees, servicing more clientele, Computers 911 reached it's hand out to neighboring parishes. Between the years of 2018-2019, Computers 911 opened up two new, additional locations in the towns of Alexandria, Louisiana and New Roads, Louisiana, to help serve the parishes of Avoyelles, Rapides, Pointe Coupee and it's surrounding locations, rebranding themselves as  As of 2021, has your best interest in mind as we continue to serve our customers with the ongoing diligence and care for your equipment and data as we have the many years before, the same way we built this company from the ground up to where we stand now and as we continue to expand.  We welcome you, to join our family.

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